Replens Longer Lasting Vaginal Moisturiser – Symptomatic Relief from Vaginal Atrophy & Dryness – 35 g Tube with Applicator




Product Description

Replens is a long lasting vagina moisturiser, with a relieving effect on vaginal atrophies and dryness by replenishing vaginal moisture. Its patented formula provides immediate alleviation of dryness symptoms such as itching, irritation, discomfort and painful sex by gently and safely hydrating the vaginal tissues and delivering soothing yet long lasting moisture. 

Replens is different from other lotions or lubricants thanks to the Polycarbophil gel (a patented bio adhesive gel that delivers continuous moisture). One single application can provide up to 3 days continuous relief. The application is quick and easy, thanks to the easy-to-use and comfortable pre-filled single applicators. Simply use Replens a couple of times a week to help relieve the symptoms of discomfort caused by vaginal dryness. 

Replens is clinically tested and is oestrogen, hormone and fragrance free. There are no known side effects and it is compatible with condoms made from natural rubber latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane. 

Replens is the clinically tested, doctor recommended and trusted brand of long-lasting vaginal moisturiser. Apply Replens as needed to supplement your body’s natural lubrication. As with dry skin that you may experience on your face and hands, regular moisturising treatment with Replens may be necessary to prevent dryness from recurring. 


2.5g of ReplensMD contains Purified Water Ph. Eur. 78.82% w/w Polycarbophil Mineral Oil Glycerin Hydrogenated Palm Oil Glyceride Carbomer 974P Sorbic Acid Methylparaben and Sodium Hydroxide

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