Candida Thrush

Candida Symptoms

Spot Thrush Symptoms and the effects of Candida Albicans

How to Cure Thrush - Maureen Jenson

Thrush Symptoms List. This also applies to Yeast and Candida Symptoms as these are all the same condition but referred to locally by different names.

Chronic Rashes 
•Digestive Pain 
•Feeling Rundown 
•Food allergies 
•Hand pain 
•Hip and Knee Pain 
•Joint Pain or Swelling 
•Learning Problems
•Lowered Immune System 
•Lowered Self Esteem 
•Memory Loss 
Menstrual Pain 
•Muscle Aches 
Painful Sex
•Poor Memory 
•Premature Aging 
•Respiratory Infections 
Sexual Dysfunction 
•Short Attention Span 
•Shortness of Breath 
Skin Lesion
Skin problems 
•Tiredness or Fatigue 
•Urinary disorders 
Vaginal Discharge 
•Vaginal Odor

This list is not exhaustive
Other symptoms may exist.

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